Board OKs additional director slot for staff

Henri C. Bienvenu

School board members last week approved a recommendation by Supt. Richard Lavergne to establish the central staff position of director of administration and operations.

In a memo to board members, Lavergne said the individual hired to fill the slot would be in charge of operations of schools, which would include maintenance and transportation. The new director would also work with, and evaluate, school principals.

The board will advertise for applications for the job, but Lavergne said he did not plan to fill the position until the start of the 2008-09 school session.

The salary range for a director level staff member is $65,000 to $75,000, depending on the individual’s level of education and years of experience.

There are currently three directors on the board’s 26-member central staff — Gail Dalcourt, curriculum; Gayle Blanchard, federal programs; and Lottie Beebe, human resources. At one point several years ago there were four director-level positions.

Administrative Contracts

In other personnel-related action, the board approved Lavergne’s recommendation to grant new two-year employment contracts to 22 supervisors, principals and assistant principals. The new contracts will be effective July 1.

The extensions were granted to nine supervisors — Gail Dalcourt, director of curriculum & instruction; Mozella Gonsoulin, child attendance and welfare; Allen Blanchard, elementary education; William Greig, secondary education; Leah Hebert and Michael Hebert, special services; Redell Louis, technologies and libraries; Angela McFaul, early childhood (Title 1); and Samuel Wininger, operations;

Nine principals — Anthony Polotzola, Cecilia High; Dianetta Young, Cecilia Jr. High; Denise Frederick, SM Jr. High; Pennye Huval, BB Primary; Wanda Guidry, Cecilia Primary; Bonnie Thibodeaux, Parks Primary; Charee Theriot, SM Primary; Annette Baudoin, Catahoula Elementary; and Mary Wyble, Stephensville Elementary; Four assistant principals — Kara Meaux, BBHS; Robin Chance, CHS; Frederick Wiltz, SMJH; and Joy Cormier, BB Primary.

The contract renewals had the unanimous approval of the board, with three exceptions — Wanda Babin objected to SMJH principal Denise Frederick; Mark Hebert opposed Stephensville Elementary principal Mary Wyble and CJH principal Dianetta Young; and Rodney Ledoux also opposed Young.

Blanchard Re-elected

Board members began their first meeting of 2008 by electing officers for the year, voting to keep Jimmy Blanchard as president and Mark Hebert as vice president. Board member Floyd Knott attempted to make a nominating speech for an unnamed candidate for the president’s post but was ruled out of order. He was offered the opportunity to merely submit the name without qualifying statements, but declined.

Blanchard’s committee chairman appointments included Richard Potier, finance; Barbara “T-Bob” Latiolais, education; Frederic Stelly, maintenance; Steve Fuselier, transportation; and Wanda Babin, insurance.