Lawsuits filed against Bluffs Management Company LLC

Two separate lawsuits were filed with the West Feliciana Parish Clerk of Court on Wednesday, March 4, against Bluffs Management Company LLC and its agent, James G. Tanner III.

The first was filed by the Perkins Family Investments LLC alleging failure to pay a note installment in the amount of $131,288.76 which was due on February 29.The Perkins Family Investments LLC consists of Clayton M. Perkins Sr., June Kubelius Perkins and Clayton M. Perkins Jr.

Bluffs Management Company LLC signed an agreement with Perkins Family Investments LLC in 1996 agreeing to pay $1,590,875 plus interest for a portion of the property known as The Bluffs on Thompson Creek. A $200,000 payment was made at closing with an agreement to pay installments over a 20 year period.

To date, $837,400.98 has been paid toward the purchase price with a balance owed

of $753,474.02.

Additionally, the lawsuit alleges that the ad valorem taxes for 2008 in the amount of $548.52 were not paid by Bluffs Management Company LLC. The plaintiffs paid the taxes on the property to avoid further problems.

The lawsuit also alleges that Bluffs Management Company LLC removed boundary fencing and/or allowed it to fall into ruin; removed survey markers; and destroyed two ponds and additionally dumped concrete, trash, motor vehicles and other debris.

Another lawsuit was filed March 3 by Magnolia Construction Company LLC against Bluffs Management Company LLC alleging that a contract signed April 28, 2008, requesting private sanitary sewer improvements in the Laurel Hill Village Phase IV, Part 2, was not paid in full. The contract originally specified the work be done for $136,364 but was amended to include an additional $1,600 for additional work performed bringing the total to $137,964.

A partial payment was made in July 2008 in the amount of $62,166.60 which left a balance of $75,797.40 owed to Magnolia Construction Company LLC. According to the lawsuit, the balance bears a 12 percent annum from the due date until paid.

According to records obtained at the West Feliciana Parish Clerk of Court, Bluffs Management Company LLC has transferred the Course at the Bluffs to Fargo Transportation Inc. and its agent James E. Davison of Ruston.

An airplane owned by Bluffs Management and James G. Tanner was transferred to Bluffs Air LLC. Listed managers for Bluffs Air LLC are Robert L. Waters of Denham Springs and Richard E. Brown of Baton Rouge.

Bluffs Air LLC then transferred the airplane to Fargo Transportation Inc. in exchange for the Course at the Bluffs.

Bluff Management Company LLC also transferred undeveloped property to Bluffs Consulting LLC and its member/manager Robert L. Waters and its agent Stephen G. McCollister of Baton Rouge. Bluffs Consulting LLC also assumed the $3.5 million mortgage owed by Bluffs Management Company LLC.

The Perkins Tract was transferred from Bluffs Management Company LLC to Dodson and Son Properties LLC who is now subject to the Perkins Family Investment LLC mortgage.

The Lodge at the Bluffs was transferred to the Lodge leaseholders. Bluffs Management has retained ownership of the Bluffs Clubhouse. Despite the closure of the Bluffs, Varnedoe’s Carriage House Restaurant remains open and is now open to the public Tuesday thru Friday for lunch only. Lunch and dinner are served on Friday and Saturday. The Lodge at the Bluffs is also open and taking reservations.