Credeur pleads not guilty to aggravated rape

Victim suffered from mental deficiency

Thursday morning, at the Acadia Parish Courthouse, Chester Credeur pleaded not guilty to the aggravated rape of a woman who suffers from a mental deficiency.  

Credeur was arrested on April 29 of this year by the Rayne Police Department. Credeur resides at of 808 W. Perrodin Street in Rayne. Due to the fact that his victim suffered from the mental deficiency which prohibited her from consenting to sexual behavior, the charge against Credeur was aggravated rape as as he was initially charged with when the arrest warrant served by the Rayne Police Department.

At the time of the arrest, Rayne Police Chief Carroll Stelly said that his detectives applied for the aggravated rape charge upon learning of the victims condition. A warrant was issued boy Judge Jim Cunningham and a $100,000 bond was set. 

Credeur was taken into custody without incident. 

An aggravated rape charge carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison. 

The arraignment was held before Commissioner Thomas Frederick. Credeur is being defended by Rayne Attorney Frederick Welter. 

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