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The old saying is that “time flies when you are having fun!”. In a review of the current school year, it seems impossible that the school year will be ending in just another few weeks. The time just flew by so quickly for most, and for us it seems that we just turned around and it has passed. So, we must be having a great, great time since the school year went by so fast!
Yes, it is that time of the year, with lots of excitement for the seniors as they end their high school career and look to the future and the goals in their lives. There is much for them to consider in making this important decision and what they want to do in their lifetime ahead. Will it be college, vocational schools, immediate work opportunities, military service, travel or what for them. This is something that each has to decide. Their parents have an important role in their decision and the assistance and financial routes available to make the decision a reality for them.
For the parents, it is a time for excitement also, however, it is tinged with some sorrow that their young one will begin a life long journey with a new phase of their life. Facing the “empty nest” syndrome is difficult for in many homes, life will never be exactly the same. For those of us that went through that time, we know the sense of loss and yet the happiness and pride for our youngsters.
In light of the changes to the TOPS scholarship program, we pray that the students receiving this assistance in the past will not be hindered by a loss of this funding for their college expenses. However, if so, they need to seek other programs that might help them. They should consult with their high school counselor regarding their future plans. They should also meet and get advice from the Financial Aid offices in their chosen college for up to date information on things they might do to receive additional funds.
For those graduating seniors, we hope that they have worked with their school counselors for assistance in providing information for funding sources for their college/school expenses. We also hope that the TOPS program will be available for some, but we understand that the S.A.T. scores will be higher for qualifications now. Also, there were many scholarships available in their own local schools that their counselors can recommend them so that applications could be submitted for possible funding. The counselors in their schools are valuable and important resources for helping the students and that they need to visit and discuss their plans and needs with them.
For the undergraduate students still in school until the end of the month, it is an exciting time for them also. The end of school means sleeping late, doing fun things with family and friends, no studying and best of all... NO homework. We can remember our children at this time, they would stay up most of the night watching television, playing games, talking on the phone with friends, and staying awake until early morning. Then they had the luxury of sleeping until noon until we came home for lunch from the youth center/swimming pool where ever we worked that summer. Many students will find work this summer to give them money to do the things they want to do...and the freedom to do them (with their parents permission we imagine). Summer is another time that flies by quickly and soon the young people will be back in school for another year in their educational schedule.
We wish everyone a great last month of school, wonderful time with graduation and new life goals, and a time to celebrate that they have achieved a great goal in their lives...having finished another year of school.

The end of April marked the end of the career of a loved member of the Rayne Acadian-Tribune family. Our editor, Paul Kedinger, retired from the paper after serving almost 20 years in that position. Paul was known by almost everyone in Rayne as he went about his duty to cover the news, the many activities of the Rayne City Council, the Acadia Parish Jury, and the many, many organizations that are very active and make up the back bone of our great City. His writing skills were great, but it was his coverage of all the meetings and activities for which he was outstanding. His reports were always factual with no bias for either pro or con. This is the mark of a good newspaper reporter/editor. We were and have been a fan of Paul through the years, and he has helped us in many ways as we attempted to participate in the activities of our loved paper.
Paul was honored at a surprise retirement party which was hosted by his newspaper family under the ruse of a Chamber After Hours usually held by the Rayne Chamber of Commerce with the businesses and organizations in attendance. There were many, many people for this special program that Paul had covered, written about their meetings, programs, activities through those 20 years that wanted to thank him and honor him for everything that he had done for them and their groups. Paul was very surprised and so touched and appreciative that it was difficult for him to keep the tears from flowing. Although, they did run down now and then. It was a happy time for everyone. Paul’s dear wife, Wanda, and his loved family were there to share and enjoy this time with him. Former staff members of the Tribune came to share in the time and the memories of their years working with Paul. There were very special guests, B. I. Moody and Milo Nickel from Crowley, that made the event even more memorable for Paul.
Paul’s last day was the end of April, but don’t be surprised to see him around since retiring from being the editor of the paper. A newspaper person cannot rest and do nothing since that “printers ink is still running in their veins”. He will be active in some things and doing those things that he loves and does so well. Working on a newspaper is like being a train.... it has to be on time...on schedule...never stopping long...and always on the move with very little delays. A newspaper person has to keep going since their mind is always working and finds it difficult to leave the many friends acquired during the years.
Our love and congratulations to Paul. We were happy that we could be there and share in the excitement, the fun of visiting with many friends, co-workers through the years, and your dear family. It was wonderful to see you honored in such a great way and so deserved. Know that you are loved by many!

In a recent bad rain storm over in Baytown, TX, we received pictures from our family, Bo and Deb, that during the terrible storm lighting had struck their home. It has done much damage and they continue to find things were hit. However, God was good in that the house did not catch fire, nor was anyone hurt, which was a blessing. Their attitude is that all that they lost were items and can be replaced, but the safety of the family was the most important thing. And we agree. We hope that you will keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they work through all the problems associated with this storm. This is a lot to do considering Bo is still recovering from his quadruple open heart surgery. He is doing much better, but just takes time to recover...God is good!

It is sad that our beloved New Orleans Saints have lost two of their favorite former players. The tragic death of Will Smith was a blow to all the fans that enjoyed seeing him play and helping to achieve the honors for him and for their National Championship win.In addition to his skills on the field, he was also a leader and did much for others off of the field. Will had several charity organizations that helped many in need in his loved adopted city. He was and is loved and will be mssed by many. We pray that he will rest in peace in his Heavenly home.
The other tragic loss for the Saints is that of Hokie Gajan. He was not only was a great player on the team winning many honors for his achievements, but after a career ending injury continued with the Saints organization as a scout for talent for the team and then becoming an endeared radio game analyst for the Saints games.
Hokie had many, many supporter from his time as a star football player at Baker High School and then becoming an important part of the L.S.U. Tiger football team before being drafted by the New Orleans Saints. It was a rare and fast moving cancer that created a battle that he was unable to fight and it took his life. He was an “everyday” man that everyone could feel close to and he did many things for many people and programs. We loved that he wanted no one to dress for his funeral. He wanted all of his family and others to wear Saints or LSU shirts to be informal for his wake and funeral. Such a humble man that even in death wanted to be just a regular “guy”.
Both Will and Hokie will be remembered for their outstanding football skills and achievements, but, they will always also be remembered for who they were, the type of person that everyone would like to be and that they were. They were loved by many and will be missed by many! RIP dear departed Saints, for now we are aware that you both are truly “saints” in your new Heavenly home. God bless your dear families as they cope with their terrible loss. God bless your teammates, and your many friends. RIP !!!

On May 8th, we will all take the time to remember and honor our beloved mothers for all that they did and for most, continue to do. Mother’s Day is a happy day for us, and yet a sad one since our mom is no longer with us. However, never forgotten!. We hope that you have some special things to show your appreciation and love to her for all that she has done. If she is not with you, then stop and remember her work to raise you and to provide for you with love and caring. There are just not enough words that can express this love for this special angel which God selected to give us to. We were so blessed and still are with the never-ending love for our mom.
For those of you who are mothers, grandmothers and still with your dear ones, we hope that they will convey to you their love and appreciation for all that you do for them. You are their blessing and continue to give and provide love to all of your angels. Yes, as moms, we feel honored that God selected us to have our dear children, grandchildren and now great grandchildren. What a blessing they have been for us! They certainly have been a wonderful gift from God!
We are using this conversation with God in honor or Mothers Day. We have used this before but love it and think it will be something of value for you and the mothers in your family.

A newborn’s conversation with God
A baby asked God, “they tell me you are sending me to earth tomorrow, but how am I going to live there being so small and helpless?”
And God said, “Your angel will be waiting for you and will take care of you.”
The child further inquired. “But tell me, here in heaven I don’t have to do anything but sing and smile to be happy.”
God said ,” Your angel will sing for you and will also smile for you. And you will feel your angel’s love and be very happy.”
Again the small child asked, “And how am I going to be able to understand when people talk to me if I don’t know the language?”
God said, “Your angel will tell you the most beautiful and sweet words you will ever hear, and with much patience and care, your angel will teach you how to speak.”
“And what am I going to do when I want to talk to you?”
God said, “Your angel will place your hands together and will teach you how to pray.”
“Who will protect me?”
God said, “Your angel will defend you even if it means risking its life.”
“But I will always be sad because I will not see you anymore.”
God said, “Your angel will always talk to you about Me and will teach you the way to come back to Me, even though I will always be next to you.”
At that moment there was much peace in Heaven, but voices from Earth could be heard and the Child hurriedly asked, “God, If I am to leave you now, please tell me my angel’s name.”
God said, You will simply call her, “Mom.”

Our best wishes and love to all of the mothers out there...Be loved and enjoyed the day!

We know you understand that we are getting this early to the paper since we were in Shreveport with our loved family. It was a very special time with everyone, but especially the great- grandkids that are growing too fast. The other reason for the trip was that our dear Laura surprised us with tickets to see Johnny Rivers in concert there. Johnny began his great career when we allowed him and his band to practice in the Downtown Youth Center in Baton Rouge where we were the Center Director. He also played for some of the Friday night dances there. Some nights after his band practice we would take him home. We knew him as Johnny Ramistella and he later took the name Rivers after the Mississippi river that flowed through Baton Rouge. He was a lover of music and we knew that he would be successful in the future. And he was! We have seen him on some shows on PBS and other programs and we enjoyed seeing him as he looks today.
So, for that reason, we were in Shreveport and back home again.
Have a wonderful end of school, graduation time and looking forward to a happy summer. God bless and keep you all... and lots of love from us!

Until next time..........adios, au revoir, auf wiedersehen until we meet again

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