Turn lane project underway

Department of Transportation and Development workers bury a dual culvert underneath the side of westbound lane of Oddfellows Road. The culverts will be paved over to create a turn lane for drivers headed north on Parkerson Avenue/Hwy. 13.
Oddfellows work to end in 75 days, weather permitting

Area drivers who have been experience the recent delays headed west on Oddfellows Road can take some consolation in the fact that the road’s traffic will soon flow much more smoothly. 

Workers with the state Department of Transportation and Development are in the process of laying two underground culverts. Once the culverts are in place, they will be paved over and a right-hand turn lane will run down Oddfellows Road beginning at Cherokee Drive.

A new traffic signal will be installed at the intersection of Oddfellows Road and Parkerson Avenue.

If all goes as planned (weather permitting, of course) the new right  turn lane should be complete “around January 1” and  Crowley’s drivers will enjoy much less traffic as they approach Parkerson Avenue (La. Hwy. 13) on Oddfellows Road.

“We are in the process of running two strings of pipe underground, which we will then bury to put under the new lane,” said Lee Jeffrey with DOTD. “The new traffic lane and right-turn signal should improve the wait that drivers on this road face.”

A paving project also is under way on the opposite end of Oddfellows Road. Drivers should expect delays in that area.