Ci et Ca Avec Belle

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It seems that there are some unusual things appearing in homes in the area that are bringing joy and yet concern to those who have received them.  It seems a large number of colorful little monkeys have arrived and are giving many worries since they are full of  mischief, yet, also bring lots of love to all who are fortunate enough to receive one. The residents of the homes enjoy them, yet are concerned about what they will do next!  These little creatures are similar to the “Elf on the Shelf” that ruled homes during the Christmas season and the people in the homes never knew what to expect next from their little elf.  Now, many are receiving the “couyons” which is the name given to this funny little breed of monkeys.  We enjoy keeping up with their antics on facebook and the way that household members never know what they will face with their little couyon!  It is fun and brings adventure and humor into some days which might not otherwise be too happy due to cold weather, health, or other things resulting in some long days and nights. 

We are very excited and proud to have been “couyoned” and received a very funny bright yellow little fellow.  Like the others, we have to watch him since he has a mind of his own and will do things that he wants to do.  We have found him hiding by  hanging on our frog tree, thinking that we would not notice him.  A bright yellow monkey in the middle of the green frogs, how could we miss that?   It seems that every day he is up to some mischief, but I notice that the others who have received their couyons are having the same type of problems.  Some are worse than others, ask Linda Arceneaux, whose little monkey likes to drive.  It seems he takes the car keys and goes out after all are in bed and she has noticed that gasoline in the car is almost empty by morning.  He finds those keys regardless of where they are hidden.  No accident yet, but hope the police will watch out for him.  

My thanks and appreciation to the Couyons for personally delivering one to me.  We have named him Jacko in honor of Jacque Weil and for the “hero” of the bedtime stories told to us years ago by our grandfather who always entertained us with things the Texas Jacko would do and the trouble that he would always get into during his adventures.  Our granddad,  “DanDan” , always finished his stories with an important moral to teach us values in a very entertaining way!  This little yellow Jacko is bringing lots of smiles and fun to us!




On a sad note, it is unfortunate that we have to look at the obits page in each paper.  It is heartbreaking to see that we have lost so many loved friends and neighbors and community contributors.  There are so many that we could mention that have done much for Rayne, churches, local organizations, community leaders, as well as contributors to the businesses through years of dedicated service.  We send our sympathy, condolences, thoughts and prayers to each of their dear families.  We cannot name everyone, however, there are some that were important in the lives of our own family that we would like to send our love to their loved ones. 

Curney Haure was a very special man, who gave much to the community through the years and received the “Man of Achievement” award several years ago. He was a true leader and gave much to everyone as well as the community.  We send love and condolences to his dear wife, Hilda and their dear family. Another old friend was  Gladys Newman.  She was a very special person to our family through the years and she will be missed by many.  Our love to their precious daughters and families.  Another valuable member of the community and friend was Theresa Gross.  She too followed the leadership and contributions of her dear father, Wilfred, who did so much for our city. She was a loving and caring person that gave much to others.  Then there was one dear young man that we lost too soon!  Andrew Jude Abshire, left this world too early and did not get to finish his life and fulfilling his potential for contributing to the community and his destined future as a leader in many ways after his education.  We grieve with the dear family in this tragic loss and pray that they will find comfort in the love and warmth surrounding them with many, many friends and family. 

Another loss was that of Dr. Raymond Hunter of Baton Rouge. His family was an important part of our city’s history and had deep roots in the community.  Their family helped to guide Rayne through their community leadership, service and businesses.  He was buried in the Rayne cementery with his loved family and early residents that did much to develop our little town. 

These are just a few of the many, many friends and loved ones lost recently.  They will be missed, and we send our prayers to their dear families as they face the future without these loved ones.  We pray that all of our friends who lost precious ones recently know that we join in the pain of their loss, and pray that God will be with each of you.  Love to you all 


This and That...... 


****Check out the Elderberry Senior program.  They are having many great times and have some healthful, fun and exciting programs, all just waiting for you to join them.  Check with Jeanette Leger.  They hosted a great bouree tournament recently which is just one of their many offerings. There is something for everyone! Join the fun and be with many friends in the activities. 

*****Congratulations to King Pat Bordes and Queen Monica Bihm as they ruled over the Rayne Chamber of Commerce Mardi Gras Ball.  The theme of the ball was “Festivals”.  Lyle Prejean was Captain of the krewe and Jessica Houston, Co-Captain. As always, the ball was a great success and fun for the participants and guests. 

*****Kudos to the A & O Sisters of the A & O organization for their community hospitality and for  providing refreshments to the Animal Shelter Volunteers.  This group has provided many important civic and community programs through the years and are a very important group that assists our many citizens as well as programs that provide the city needed programs and activities.  They work with all ages, and sponsor great activities for all.  We appreciate all of their hard work and dedicated years of service to others.  

*****Check out the Tribune for activities scheduled for February.  We are not listing them as we usually do, however, the Tribune gives information on them, including dates and planned programs. There are lots of things ahead in this busy month which will be fun as well as educational.  Don’t miss out on any of them!  Many great programs ahead, so stay up to date and be a part of all the fun! 

*****Enough of this cold weather!  We hope that each of you survived the freezing temps with no problems with anything.  Two extented colds in less than a week is just unheard of for our area.  We hope that it will be many more years before we have a repeat of this terrible weather. We did like the headline on the Acadiana Advocate today.  “HERE WE SNOW AGAIN”  And hope it will not be repeated again anytime soon. 

*****Thanks to the decision of our Acadia Parish School Board who wisely decided to close schools during these freezing days.  We wonder why the schools in the Atlanta area and other states did not close their schools.  The lives of their students were risked as buses slid off the road, and many had to spend the night on the stranded buses as well as being stranded in their schools and had to spend the night in the classrooms or gyms.  They have experience dealing with cold and snowy weather in that area and we cannot understand why they did not close the schools.  Hopefully, they learned a valuable lesson..that the classes can be made up, but the possibility of the loss of a child’s life can not be made up.   




“Let all that you do be done with LOVE” 1 Corinthians 13 is inscribed on a tea mug that I received for Christmas.  It has an important message for us all, and yet we see that being done each and every day as we are surrounded by family and friends that are helping us.  A stay in the hospital, now at home, and we are appreciating all of you dear friends.  We thank you for all that ya’ll have done to help us.  We feel that we are very fortunate to be surrounded by each of you who do everything with Love!  You each are a blessing to us and we appreciate your thoughts and prayers too.   We have always known and repeatly said that Rayne is the most caring community, a city of true “angels”.  We have seen it in the past, and are seeing it now every day.  We are thankful that this is our home and has been since we were born! 

Because of some health issues, our Avec will not be as long as it usually is, but it will have to suffice until we can do more.  Please excuse us for this month.  Hopefully, you all will keep up with the many important activities through the newspaper and plan to attend as many as possible.  Lots of things going on, and a very busy time of the year!  

There is much going on for each of you, so take part, enjoy!




In Closing......


A thankful prayer:

“Each day I am thankful for nights that turned into mornings.

Friends that turned into family.

Dreams that turned into reality,

And likes that turned into LOVE.”



Until next time............Til we met again......

Adios, au revior, auf weidersehen