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Here we are in November and it’s beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas.  Thanksgiving and Veterans Day are almost overlooked with the emphasis on gift giving and end of the year sales.

We don’t know where the year went.  It seems that we just celebrated 2013 and now it is time to get ready for 2014.  

However, Veterans Day is one that should never be overlooked.  It is the time we give thanks to those individuals who fought and died for us and our country.  There are many activities and programs to honor our veterans and we hope that you plan to take part in some of them.  We especially love to see the flags on the graves of our vets that are no longer with us, and show our respect and remembrance for them.  No matter what war or branch of military or how long ago, they are honored for their dedicated military service. We hope that you will thank a vet.  Your personal message will mean much to them to acknowledge them.  It is very true that “We owe them a debt that can never be repaid”!  

Also, Thanksgiving is another holiday we should always celebrate.  It is part of American history from  early settlers who first celebrated their time in the new world.  We love this opportunity to be with loved family for get-togethers and to share in the feast of food, fun and lots of memories of times past.  It is a hallowed tradition that needs to be continued and shared with our youngsters so they understand the importance of this day. 

Frog Time.....

We are not forgetting that November is also the time for our Annual Frog Festival.  We have enjoyed this time each year since it began 40 years ago.  It has been great to see it grow and progress from it’s early beginning in the open field where the Frog Fest grounds are now located.  Our family has been a part of it as they grew and we are now in our 4th generation that attend and love every minute of it, especially the frog jumping/racing as well as the great food, rides, music and dancing.  The younger ones will be here with their bags ready to catch the goodies thrown during the festival parade.  There is something at the festival for all ages.  We also enjoy the arts and craft show at the civic center.  This is a chance to pick up some wonderful Christmas presents for family and always helps in our gift shopping.  Hope to see you all there. 


It was wonderful to be invited to attend the reunion for the Class of 1968 recently.  We were so happy to be included so we could see the faces of the young women and men we taught during their four years in high school.  It was also difficult for us as we looked at the faces and knew who they were, remembered many things about them, but just could not always pull out the names from our slowed down brain.  Yes, they had name tags on, but unfortunately we could not read them!  We were happy to see and visit with them, to learn what they are doing, their families, and their spouses.  And, most of all, to remember things about them when they were in high school. 

We appreciated the invitation, the transportation and all of the visits.  We were also happy to get a visit with Sidney Stutes, their American History teacher they really loved since he brought history alive and made it interesting for them.  We also thank Sidney for bringing us home in the middle of that terrible rain, lightening storm.  It gave us a chance to remember some things about our time on the faculty at Rayne High.  It was a wonderful night, except for one thing.  There was a beautiful table set up with flowers and the individual pictures of their classmates who were no longer with them.  As we looked at those dear faces, we were very sad since they had been taken too young!  And we loved them and we miss them!    Thanks to the Reunion planning committee for inviting us and letting us share in the happiness and good memories!  You all did an amazing job with the reunion and to get so many members of the class to attend and join in the memories.  Thank you for all of your work!  Your class has always been, still is and will always be very special to us.  We love and appreciate you! 


We have lost a dear lady who gave much to us all during the years she served as a valued R.N. and Supervisor of nurses at the Rayne Branch Hospital for over 30 years.  Gloria Hanks Domingue was a very special and caring person who gave much of herself to everyone and her happy smile and good nature helped in the healing of her patients.  We know that to be true since we saw her each time we were admitted to the hospital for surgeries or illnesses. We always looked forward to her coming into the room and spreading sunshine.  One just had to feel better when she was around.  She was filled with energy and happiness that brought joy and hope just to be around her.  She was a blessing to her loved family and to everyone who knew her.  Our sincere sympathy and condolences to her dear family who are blest with many happy memories of Gloria. We know that she will live in the heats and minds of each of you. She will be missed, but we know that Heaven will be an even happier place with her there! 

Another loss to our community was the passing of Eula Andrus Cobena.  She was a beautiful person, both inside and out, who contributed to our city, to her church, and to her loved family.  In all the years that we knew her, we never heard any negative remarks about her.  Everything was positive about how much she was admired and loved by those who knew her and participated with her in the city and religious activities. That is a great tribute coming from many.  Her family was and is very close and we know that they will miss Eula and her deep caring and love for each of them.  Our sympathy to the family and know that her quite and gentle nature influenced others and we all share in your loss. Keep the memories alive in your hearts and minds since they are treasures that time cannot destroy. Know too that she is with her loved husband and family in a better place....and that better place is better because she is there. 


.....Hope you didn’t miss the Bazaar and Sweet Shop on Saturday, Nov. 2nd at the Centenary United Methodist Church.  It was the place to be to get home made food including chicken salad sandwiches and a supply of fresh baked cakes, candy and other things for a “sweet tooth”.  We were able to stock up on our jellies and jams including Hot Pepper , Figs, blackberry, muscadine and others.  They are all delicious and we give them to family members who look forward to these special and tasty treats.  If you missed it, watch for it next year. 

.....Did you remember??? Hope you did get your clocks set back to end daylight savings time.  We always have friends who tell us they forgot and had problems being where they needed to be.  Although we are told that it is more difficult to forget to change the time in the spring when you move the clocks up and hour.  Seems they know that it is “spring forward, fall backwards”, but just can’t keep up with the dates to do them.  Well, they will be on time from now until spring. We’ll just have to keep reminding them at that time. 

.....We had a great visit recently with one of our “oldest” friends.  Pat Breaux Hoffpauir, just a few days younger than we are, and believe us, she never lets us forget that we are OLDER.  She is at the Rayne Guest Home and is very comfortable and happy there, and has become a popular member of that community with her humor and love of people. We have been friends all these years and she has been such a help to us during some rough times. We have tried to be there for her when needed too.  Many times it is just a phone call that we talk over things and help one another.  Through the years, she has brought many smiles and laughs to us and to our family and we have missed her visits when the family was here.  They all love her and consider her to be an important part of our family...and so do we. We have shared some really rough bumps and some really happy ones during our lives, but we have also been supportive of one another when needed.  She is having some health issues, and we know that she will face them as she has faced other situations in her lifetime with a smile on her face, a sassy comment from her mouth and a heart filled with love and worry.  If you are at the Guest Home anytime, stop and tell her “hello”.  It will make her day and we can tell you, it will make your day!  Great seeing you Pat, and love from your oldest friend!   

.....Our congratulations to the Lady Wolves volleyball team for their overall record in search of more victories in the district.  We were happy to meet members of the team at the recent RHS homecoming reception when they escorted us to the library for the Alumni reception.  They were lovely young ladies and we enjoyed meeting them.  We had hoped to attend one of their home games, but was unable to do so, but will watch for other local games and would enjoy watching them play.  We loved volleyball and coached the girls team when we taught at RHS, and the sport was just beginning at the high school level.  The game and the skill level has changed from those early years.  Both are much improved and require more and more of the team and their coaches.  We also congratulation them for their efforts to promote “National Breast Cancer Awareness Month”.  That is a very worthwhile program and we are certain that they made the “Pink Game” a huge success.  Good luck ladies for the remainder of the season.  Good job ladies and we are proud of you all. 

.....A Christmas program is being planned for Sunday, Nov. 17 when the annual Little Miss Merry Christmas and Master Noel contests will be held.  The event, sponsored by Gamma Kappa Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi and the City of Rayne is an exciting event for our youngsters in the first and second grade.  It will be held at the Rayne Civic Center Mural Room at 1 pm on the 17th.  Applications are now being accepted and for more information call Chairperson Ginger Comeaux at 337-334-9467.  It will be a fun event and we hope that you put that date on your calendar and plan to attend.  It will help to get you into the Christmas spirit and enjoy the youngsters as they try for the honors.  Good job as usual Gamma Kappa Chapter and City of Rayne. 

.....Huge thanks to some special friends who are always angels to us!  We loved the beautiful red roses and they make us smile everytime we look at them...and thinking of you all who thought of us.  Add to that our first ever taste of persimmon cake!  And it was delicious!  We had never even heard of it and it was a treat to eat and to be thought of too.  We appreciate too the delicious yam loaves, (we think that is what they are called) from our favorite stopping place going and coming from Shreveport.  We are also enjoying fresh persimmons, which we love and had not had for a very long time, and fresh from the garden, egg plants!  We love them and will try our hand at making egg plant dressing, which we love, but have never made!  Wish us luck and we will keep you posted on this new venture.

In Closing.....

What a blessing to be here in our beloved Rayne.  You all know how much we love this place, and our own little corner of the world on this site that we have called home since we were little.

Yes, our roots go as deep here as the roots on the live oak trees in the side yard that were planted by our grandmother when we first lived here.  She said at the time that they would grow and some day our grandchildren would play in their shade.  Her prediction came true, except now it is twelve GREAT-grandchildren that play under the huge branches!  

It is the people here that make Rayne such a special place.  It is the friends that support each other and grieve with them when sad and smile and laugh with them when good things happen.  It is not that way in most communities.  We appreciate our City and we appreciate each of you.  Thank you all for making Rayne the best place in the world!


To sum up our feelings with all of you...our friends.... 

“If people like me didn’t know people like you,

Life would lose its meaning and its richness, too.

For the friends that we make are life’s gift of love,

And I think friends are sent right from heaven above.

And thinking of you somehow makes me feel

That God is love and He ‘s very real.”


Until next time....................

Adios, au revior, auf weidersehen!!!

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