Election 2015 Results: Crowley tax rededication passes

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The push for a rededication of a half-cent sales tax in the city of Crowley to offer raises to its city employees passed without much of a hitch Saturday night.
Of the 2,891 people that voted Saturday, or through early voting, 69 percent voted yes to the rededication of the tax. Opposed were 31percent.
In Iota, two Fire Protection District propositions passed without much contention.
Proposition 1, which called for the renewal of a 10.6 mill tax for a period of 10 years, saw 80 percent of the 899 votes cast as "yes" votes.
Proposition 2, which called for the renewal of a 11.49 mill tax for a period of 10 years, saw 78 percent of the 896 votes cast as "yes" votes.
Regarding the Bayou des Cannes-Nezpique Gravity Drainage District Proposition, 67 percent of voters agreed to the levying of a 6 mill tax for a period of 10 years.
Several more propositions and tax issues were on the November ballot in multiple parishes.
These item included
- A venture by the Acadia Parish School Board to obtain $8.5 million in bond money regarding District 7. The terms of this deal includes 20 years behind it. The measure passed with 71 percent.
- The Acadia-Evangeline Fire Protection District's tax renewal also passed with 73 percent. The millage renewal is for 10 years and is at a term of 4.1 mills.
- Through legislation, the Town of Duson could finally go to its residents and consider levying a 4 percent tax on hotels in a move that was promoted as a chance for some economic development for the small town. That move earned favorable approvable, even with unofficial turnout of less than 35 percent. Still, of those that voted -- 283 -- 70 percent voted yes to the tax being levied.