Restraining order sought against Anthony, Julie Borill

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Borills counter with extortion claimsEstherwood mayor, police juror accused of making threats, harassing petitioner; Borills counter with extortion claims

Howell "Howie" Dennis is the news editor for The Crowley Post-Signal. He can be reached at or 337-783-3450.

A Greenwell Springs man has petitioned the 15th Judicial District Court for a temporary restraining order against two Acadia Parish elected officials, alleging harassment after a “break-up.”

According to documents obtained by the Crowley Post-Signal, a man listed as John Wesley Brown, 51, is seeking a restraining order against Estherwood Mayor Anthony Borill and his wife, Acadia Parish Police Jury President Julie Borill.

While he initially denied the requested restraining order, District Judge John Trahan has set a hearing on the petition to be held at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 28.

According to the Petition for Protection From Abuse filed by Brown, the Borills are in possession of some pieces of property belonging to Brown that they have had since he “broke up with them” and “stopped providing them services.”

Brown claims that Anthony Borill wanted Brown to pay him money for the return of his property, which includes keys, an underwater camera and an award certificate, which Brown claims Julie Borill falsely said belongs to her.

He goes on to say that the Borills called his place of employment saying they had “nude pictures of me with the company shirt on.”

Brown also claims in the document that when he tried to get away from the Borills, that Julie Borill sent him compromising pictures of herself and text messages in an effort to change his mind.

“She kept texting me telling me that she loves me,” reads Brown’s statement. “When I told her ‘no,’ she got really upset with me.”

In the complaint, which was given to Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Detective Chad Gibson, Brown stated that “all I want are my things back and to be left alone. I feel unsafe knowing that they will go so low. I just want it to stop.”

The relationship between Brown and the Borills is described in the court documents as “current or former unmarried intimate cohabitant.”

When contacted by the Post-Signal Thursday,  Julie Borill issued the following response: 

“We have filed extortion, stalking and cyberstalking of a public official (charges) against this man with the sheriff’s office and they are moving forward with them.”

“Anyone can walk into the courthouse and ask for a restraining order and allege anything,” Julie Borill continued. “I am aware of what has been said about us and am fully confident that these allegations will be proven false.”