Chief: Fire District 11 plans ‘moving forward’

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Twenty-eight volunteers signed on for recently formed protection area

District 11 Fire Chief Chad Monceaux has been quite busy recently helping to create the area’s newest fire protection area. 

“Mostly planning and gathering,” he smiled during an interview Monday morning. “We want the people we will be serving to know that we’re here and we care. We aren’t going anywhere.” 

A sign at the future site of the Fire Protection District 11 station marked the area. The fire station’s address will be 20249 Crowley-Eunice Hwy. The land for the site was donated by the Lawson family. 

Monceaux is looking forward to seeing construction begin on the new facility. 

“Right now we are just waiting on the weather so we can begin the dirt work,” he said. “It’s moving forward.” 

Monceaux has the volunteers he needs with 28 having signed up. 

“Many of then are from the Crowley Fire Department,” he added. 

With the trucks and much of the equipment the department will be using having already been paid for, it seems that time and some hard work are all that stands between seeing the new district, which became necessary following a Louisiana Supreme Court ruling, open for business. 

“It takes time but we’ll be ready soon,” added Monceaux. “Unfortunately, we can’t do it overnight.”

Anyone wishing give donations to those forming the new district can contact Chad Monceaux at (337) 458-2423.